Monday, November 25, 2013

Thinking Like A Scientist

Our second trip to Pensacola was filled with exciting and hands-on activities!  On Friday, we presented and discussed with students at West Florida High School of Advanced Technology (WFHS) how to think like a scientists and were fortunate enough to be able to bring in a "real" scientist to speak with the students, Dr. Chris Reddy, senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  We also set up an oil degradation experiment and will be excited to see the results of on our next visit.   

The next morning we hit the beaches with Dr. Reddy (and members of his scientific team), and Shawn Walker (our partner teacher at WFHS) to learn the finer points of oil patty collection!

From L to R: The GOO team at Fort Pickens searching for oil paddies; a student at WFHS explains her team's depiction of a scientist; setting up a oil eating microbes experiment; WHOI's Dr. Chris Reddy gives students inside information on what it takes to be a scientist.

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